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Founder & CEO


1827 Marketing


Specialist in B2B content marketing and automation


London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom




When you set out to solve a problem for yourself, it often turns out that lots of people are looking for the same solution. As a strategy lead at global management and brand consultancies, producing our own meaningful content was always a challenge. Agencies need content marketing to deliver brand experiences and build commercial relationships but lack the time and bandwidth to write and promote it. I personally thrive on the creative aspect of my role, so was surprised to discover that 90% of my marketing team’s jobs were admin and spreadsheets, 5% chasing up content from busy execs, and only 5% creativity.

So, I built a machine. 1827 Marketing is a B2B digital marketing agency that writes creative content and uses technology to automate its distribution and promotion. I appreciate that choosing a martech stack can be daunting, so ours is designed to solve both organisational and strategic issues for B2B organisations.

Bringing together my fascination with technology and brand strategy experience, 1827 is founded on two decades of creating award-winning brand strategies for leading global brands including Merck KGaA, Bupa, Barclays, Danske Bank and Microsoft. It has always been my job to find creative and compelling ways for brands to connect with customers, but content marketing isn’t about producing ‘stuff’, it’s about creating experiences.

Content is customer experience. It’s an opportunity for you to show you understand and care for your customers by using empathy and insight in your writing. It offers a meaningful way to connect with people, find companies to work with, sustain relationships and help them grow. Importantly, our rigor with SEO means that people will find your content and our strategic marketing expertise will make it worth finding.

Marketing automation helps make businesses more human, not less. The potential for strategic insight and personalisation helps create more meaningful experiences and build more worthwhile relationships on both sides.

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